About Us

About Us

The Israel Ballet is the only company in Israel that performs the best of the international classical and neo-classical repertoire. It was established in 1967 by Mrs. Berta Yampolsky and Mr. Hilel Merkman who have managed it for 45 years.


In 2012 Mrs. Lea Lavie was appointed general director. The new directorship continues the long Israel Ballet tradition of preserving and nourishing the classical art while simultaneously bringing renovation and a mutual vision of combining the classical art and the Israeli culture.

The purpose of the company is not just preserving the classics but also to support and develop local creation of ballet, in order that the Pointe technique and the ballet aesthetics will keep on being a meaningful part of the Israeli dance world.

The Israel Ballet has about 30 dancers from all over the world, some of whom are Israelis and some are new immigrants. The company resides in the new Israel Ballet center in Tel Aviv, equipped with the biggest rehearsal hall in Israel with 250 seats.


Alongside the company operates the School of Classical Ballet - the leading Israeli institute and a model ballet school for all ages. The primary guidelines of the school are the personalization for every child by training with the best teachers and musicians and the striving for excellence, in order that the students will be ready to join leading ballet companies in Israel and round the world.

Ever since it was established, the Israel Ballet strives to bring the art of ballet - which combines dance, music, theater and plastic art, not only to the residence of the center, but also to the periphery of Israel, and alongside performances to the general public, we also perform for school children in mornings and special matinee performances for the entire family.

The Israel Ballet represented Israel in tours around the world and in important festivals in Europe, United States, Asia and South America.

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