General Director



Lea Lavie Fishbein | General Director



Managing the Israel Ballet Company is accompanied by a sense of a cultural and educational mission.
Being the only classical ballet company in Israel, we believe it is our duty to preserve the repertoire and tradition of the classical ballet for now and the future generations, as well as encouraging creative innovation within this genre of dance.
With the introduction of the new management, a new spirit has reawakened the Israel Ballet, which brings a series of innovation, a breakthrough and a new vision connecting between the classical art and the contemporary Israeli culture.  
Leading the Israel Ballet in its new path, connecting past and future, the company has succeeded to introduce and develop a number of improvements for the company; Original productions made for The Israel Ballet, as well as international renowned productions, prizes for the best dance production of the year and new works created by our own young choreographers.
Along with the company's extensive work during this season, our professional ballet school was formed, with the goal to nurture young talent and produce professional ballet dancers for the Israel Ballet and other companies.
I am certain that with the support that we are receiving from the Ministry of Culture and Sport and the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality, along with raising additional resources, we will succeed in creating an environment and climate that will enable the company to continue the path of prosperity and artistic success.


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